In Netflix We Trust / by Scott Spooner

Last week Netflix debuted House of Cards, an original series by them. I've watched the first three episodes and I have to say it's pretty good. It's a got all the "plot thickens", good one-liners, likeable and hateable characters as any show on TV.

The part that's really intriguing to me, is it isn't on TV. It's on Netflix. Now you have a program and an entire "network" that isn't being strapped by the FCC or held back by affiliations. The rules have changed. Now, I'm sure if you dug deep enough there may be someone with an agenda. But it has to be microscopic if you consider all of the things affecting programs today. So aside from the fact that Netflix means I get Arrested Development back, it actually can mean so much more for the future of television. 

For example, what if Conan started doing his talkshow on Netflix? I'm a big fan, but I never watch TBS and can't catch up on Hulu. But, if I could see him there I sure as hell would. Or what if Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom didn't have to be a fantasy?  Could a Netflix news show save investigative reporting? Something that is actually Bipartisan? Some networks are doing away with entire investigative departments because "the ratings just aren't there." It's so weird. You cut off the balls of your reporters and black out half of their findings and then for some mysterious reason your viewership is falling? 

Netflix levels the playing field. If they continues making their own programing, with a user base as large as theirs, the opportunities are pretty endless.